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Rhine River Development


Rhine River Development was started in 2011 to encompass a large redevelopment project that Andy began on the riverfront in downtown Washington. Andy has a desire and a knack for “cleaning up” old properties/buildings. He developed a vision for a walkable neighborhood and small business district. There was a concrete plant located on approximately 2.4 acres of ground on the Washington riverfront which the city wanted to relocate to the industrial park. Andy bought the property, cleaned it up and developed it into a small neighborhood of 15 townhomes and 2 commercial buildings.

The commercial buildings offer great views of the river and can be built out for retail property, small restaurants, and or office space. One of the buildings was built in 1915 and has a rich history of business in Washington. The other is a new building and currently is home to The Blue Duck Cafe and Bakery on the first floor and has 3700 sq ft of office space available on the second floor.

The Rhine River Townhomes fill up the remainder of the riverfront property and are a hybrid of history and progressive thinking. They have the look and feel of the historic buildings in downtown Washington with decorative brick exteriors and metal railings but the new construction has incorporated the latest in innovation and technology.

The Rhine River Townhomes have been constructed with “green” sustainable building technologies that will endure for years to come with very low maintenance or upkeep costs. The structures are super energy efficient, quiet, safe, durable, and strong. The townhomes are loaded with amenities and can be customized to fit your needs and preferences. From a private elevator, to custom cabinetry, to trim finish, designer hardware, flooring, etc., you decide what goes into your townhome.

The two-story townhomes are designed and constructed as individual homes. There are no shared stairwells or parking areas. Each unit has its own entrance, garage, balcony and/or deck and screened porch. The best part is, all units have an amazing view of the Missouri River!

Below are documents concerning the Rhine River Development. All documents are subject to change without notice.
- Rhine River Development Overview
- Rhine River Specs Unit 531
- 531 Rhine River Floor Plan